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Hand Forged Pipe Tomahawk

13 April 2013

IMG 9267 300x175 Hand Forged Pipe TomahawkIMG 9269 300x161 Hand Forged Pipe Tomahawk

This pipe tomahawk by Chuck Patrick is forged from .45 cal. Hawkins rifle barrel.  The edge is steeled and boasts 24 and 12 carot gold, fine silver, sterling silver, and copper inlays, as well as, hand engraved oak leaves and acorns.  Fine sterling silver adorns the curly maple haft. The pipe gasket is brain tan leather.  The end cap is nickel silver.  (call for price)

Beaded Knife Sheath

1 January 2013

IMG 8946 e1357071366630 225x300 Beaded Knife SheathThis beaded knife sheath is made by Peggy Patrick, with glass seed beads and smoked braintan leather.