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Making River Cane Baskets

12 January 2013

Here are some of the pictures from the latest river cane basket making class at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Emma jackson Garrett (Cherokee) and Peggy Patrick were the instructors. All of the baskets were made from hand split river cane. The colors came from traditional plant dyes.

✾ Color of the Fire ✾

2 January 2010

✢ Color of the Fire ✢

IMG 4282 300x225 ✾ Color of the Fire ✾

¤ Chuck Patrick is a damascus knife maker and blacksmith. A blade-smith is a blacksmith with a special understanding of metallurgy that  blacksmith does not necessarily have. Chuck Patrick is a blacksmith, yes , but he does so much more than make horse shoes and sharpen plows.

Chuck Patrick made his first knife while living in the Alaskan bush country. When his need for a superior tool led him to spend days on end trying to come up with a blade he could use the way he needed to in this tough environment where you are not forgiven by nature if you fail. From this humble beginning he has become one of this nations leading expert  Blade-smiths and metallurgist.

Chuck has been and continues to be consulted by many top knife making companies, about his Damascus steel, as well as his heat treating genius. Chuck seems to be in tune with the fire as he works in it. He can tell by the color of the fire and the steel, what the temperature is with out even looking at the thermostat. In fact Chuck Patrick can tell if the thermostat is wrong!

Chuck Patrick has traveled throughout the U.S.A. teaching knife making. He continues to teach locally and  in the southeast.  In addition, he and  Dr. James Batson former president of the American Bladesmithing society (ABS), co-teach a knife making class at the John C. Campbell Folk School. The class name  is The American Hand Forged Knife. To find out when the next class will be held, and to register, see our classes page¤

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