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Knife Making

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¤Chuck Patrick began making knives while living in the Alaskan Bush. He began studying knife forging at the John C. Campbell Folk School in 1982, where he was able to study with some of the greatest masters of the craft.  Jim Rubley of Indiana and James Batson of Alabama, were two of his most influential teachers.  Chuck  has assisted and co-taught sword making classes with Don Fogg. A popular  demonstrator at knife making and blacksmithing  symposiums all over the Southeast,  Chuck continues to teach and make knives, hand carving and working tools.¤

Photos of Knife Making Classes

Beadwork and Buckskin

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¤The leather for the garments, sheaths and bags is brain-tan leather.  It is true buckskin and indescribably soft.  Chuck Patrick started experimenting with this ancient art of hide tanning more than 30 years ago.  The skin is white tail deer usually.  Each hide can take three days or more to tan.  Look on future pages for more on the entire process.  He also makes oak tan leather.

Peggy studied beadwork at the John C. Campbell Folk School with the late John Neidenthal of Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1990. Her style of bead work is lazy stitch and applique on braintan leather. All beads in her work are glass seed beads.  She uses mainly old world colors. She continues to make fully beaded buckskin garments, bags, sheaths and more.  Peggy also does quillwork and uses only natural dyes for her colors.¤

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Shoe Making

¤Peggy  started taking shoe making classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School in 1998,  The  first class was with Sharon Raymond owner of Simple Shoes. The shoes we made  were simple, fun and stylish. The late Glen Leasure of Snake Foot Shoes in Kentucky was her next teacher. He made leather hiking, and working boots and shoes. Cliff Pequit whose shop was responsible for the beautiful boots in the popular movie “The Patriot,” taught her how to make pegged shoes on a last.  Sharon, and Cliff  continue to make shoes for other people, as well as teach shoemaking. ¤

Photos of Shoe Making Classes

White Oak and Rivercane Baskets

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¤Peggy made her first basket at the John C. Campbell Folk School in 1982.  Chuck’s step-father showed him how to make the white oak splits, like his own mother had taught him.  From this beginning they have both worked to increase their knowledge of this craft.  More recently in 1998, Peggy began to study river cane basketry with Emma Jackson Garrett of the Cherokee Nation.  The Patricks continue to make white oak and river cane baskets, and to teach in schools and events. ¤ Basket classes

✾Old Time Mountain Music✾

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¤Chuck and Peggy are both well known local musicians. They have a life time of old time tunes and play a variety of instruments, including fiddle, banjo, and guitar. Peggy is a traditional singer and musician. Her father was the local square dance caller for her rural Appalachian hometown in the north Georgia mountains.  Chuck and Peggy have been playing music together since 1974. They have produced three recordings, Old Time Way, Still Old Time,( and with legendary Ross Brown ,left handed fiddler from Hiawassee Ga.) Ross Brown, Chuck and Peggy Patrick  Play Your Request.  Now you can buy a downloadable cd of “Still Old Time” and “Ross Brown, Chuck and Peggy Patrick Play Your Request”
on the Music page.¤

Chuck and Peggy Patrick have been listed in the Blue Ridge National Heritage  Area Traditional Artists and the National Basketry registry

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  1. Hello Chuck Patrick. My name is Marc Lacrimosa. I own a company Gear2survive in Winder, Georgia. I recently acquired a knife made by you. Damascus, leather sheath and nickle sliver strap. The handle is the most unique. I was told it was Bear Bone can you help me out. I am taking it to a show this weekend out of state. My cell number is 770-712-2289. My home 678-963-0445 after 9pm


  2. HEllo Marc. Thanks for calling. IF I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me again. Chuck Patrick

  3. Chuck -
    Just recently doing some research on Jim Rubley, and was surprised to see your comment, “The late Jim Rubley…”. I worked in the blacksmith’s shop with Jim at Conner Prairie for a couple of years. Do you have any details of his death? Thanks for any information you can give me.

  4. Maurie, Yes he is still with us. Thanks for your help.

  5. Hello Chuck, I was very close to someone you knew a while ago, Art H. He has some buckskin he was going to send to you, but he became ill and his since passed away. I’m trying to get in touch with you so I can see that you get the items he was going to send you. If you could email me, I will give you more information, thank you.

  6. I am so sorry to hear this. I have emailed you a response. Thank you for letting us know about the loss of one good man.

  7. Hey Chuck, my name is Steve Masser(son of Danny Masser).Its been about 20 years since I was last at your shop. At that time you were teaching my father the art of knife making when you gave me a blade, it has a star in it. The blade is in the same condition as the day you gave it to me. I have always wanted to finish the knife but don’t have the know how to complete. I was wandering if you could possibly finish the knife? It has been a prized possession my mine along with another knife of yours I have. I will be travelling into your area in spring and hope to see you. sincerely: steve

  8. Hi Steve. I remember you and Chuck remembers the knife. Feel free to contact us. I am sure Chuck can work something out with you.

  9. Hello Mr. Patrick ,
    My name is Todd Schumerth , I don’t know if you remember me or not , my father Robert Schumerth and I visited you at your home quite some many years back , we were friends of Connie O Neil . The reason for me contacting you is , I have been wanting to purchase a couple of your knives from you for quite a while and wanted to know how to go about doing so , my email address is , Todd23usmc@hotmail.com , I hope to hear from you soon . Thank you .
    Todd Schumerth

  10. Hi Todd! Of course I remember you.I will email you about a knife purchase.

  11. Todd I will be emailing you .

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