✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾

✾ Knives ✾

¤These knives are currently available.  These are all hand made knives and no two are ever exactly the same. Contact Chuck Patrick (828)837-7627 or email:  chuckandpeggypatrick@gmail.com for more information. See more knives in the Archives. ¤

IMG 4312 ✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾

samurai sword

Mountain Willow, 25000 layers hand forged damascus, call

IMG 4324 ✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾

Scottish Dirk, carbon blade, rosewood handle, pewter, $850

IMG 1382 150x150 ✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾Large hunter with 9 inch damascus blade, stag handle, steel bolster, butt cap and sheath $3500.

IMG 1438 150x150 ✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾3 3/4 inch blade high carbon, stag handle $185

IMG 1336 150x150 ✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾Neck Knife, 3 inch damascus blade, stag handle, mokume bolster and butt cap, sheath rawhide liner with braintan cover, glass seed beads, $775

IMG 1034 150x150 ✾ Hand Forged Damascus Knives ✾Dagger 6 5/8 inch blade damascus, bone handle , sheath $1000

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  1. Hi Chuck!!!

    I have dabbled more in the Knief making and I am Awaiting Money for Coal but with all the stuff going on in my house hold I have only managed to do about 6 more Blanks, the Antler handled Letter Opener is in my Wife’s office… I wound up Sharpening it Full length on the top Concave curve and about 2 inches on the opposit edge, She let it get Gluey LOL I looked at it and sharpend it a little while at her Office the other day!!! I added a Decorative Copper Band that I inset into the antler surface and pinned it with a hand made rivit of copper the other two stainless steel I got from Bob I set nicely…The Brochen (Bread) Knief is still unfinished… as the Curved Simitar but I have to get the Garage cleaned up in order to get back to Knief making… Coal is scarce up here I have to drive to Flint MI 2 hours away to get some. I will as soon as some other things get finished up… BTW it’s 23 degrees up here in Tawas MI, still have a bunch of snow banks around… and a LOT of MUD Spring MUD but it’s almost April YEA!!! and I hope we get some GOOD weather Soon! My Creek out side is 90% Frozen but the Water is flowing well. the AuSable River has Steel Head Fishing going on well too. How is BOB MASTON? I looked for him on Bing and couldn’t find him Yet… I can not thank you Enough for your Care and expetese in teaching Me some of what you know!!! THANK YOU Again the Army stuff is still buggin me on and off but I’m doing OK Just wish the whole month of FEB would go away some times….Well More later HAPPY EASTER Your supply NCO student ANDREW STRELCZUK SSG (RET) MIARNG

  2. Well I have Coal and am now constructing a new FORGE Wish me Luck!!! Found that I could not get the Temperature with out a true Forge…

  3. Good luck Andrew! Hopefully you got bituminous coal, as that is forging coal. Build your table 3 feet by 4 feet if possible, it gives you room for all your tools. Happy forging! Feel free to contact me if you need advise. Chuck

  4. Sounds interesting and challenging at the same time! Some nice work you have here. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Chuck, nice craftsmanship!I’ve not dabbled in knife making yet … but I’m definitely considering it once I have the time. I don’t like to do things half*#$ed … beautiful work, keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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