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¤  On this page you will find details about upcoming classes with a link to the registration page of the non-profit school or event the class will be held through.  The dates for the classes will be listed and where it will be held. If there is a material fee for these classes it will be noted here. Usually the materials fee is payable on site at the class. Registration is easy, and you can register online or by phone. Just click on the link next to the class you are interested in and you will be taken to the registration page for that class. If online registration is not an option you will find a contact number. Sometimes we schedule classes that have not been listed in the catalog yet. This is to give you a chance to plan your schedule ahead of time. When the class is open for registration, the link will be active. If you want to be notified when a class is open for registration, email us and we will add you to our update list. You will also find photos of the latest classes here in Class Photos. So always check for updates on these. If you are in a class and want to include pictures of your own, you can email them to us and we try to include as many as we can. ¤

Private Classes

Private classes are always available by contacting us and scheduling a time!

Shoe Making classes

John C. Campbell Folk School
Felt Shoes and Boots                  Jan. 28 – Feb. 2, 2018
Designing and making Sandals   May 27 – June 2, 2018
Leather Shoes and Boots             Sept. 16- 21, 2018
Leather Moccasins                      Oct, 14 -19, 2018
John C. Campbell Folk School
John C. Campbell folk School
Beginning Fiddle Peggy Patrick  Long Week-end  Jan 2-5,  2018
Here’s a little more information about our classes!
❀ Blacksmithing ❀
Knife Making
Early American knife designs will be studied as students with well-developed forging skills learn to forge carbon steel into blades. The blades will then be hand-finished and heat-treated. Haft with crown stag, bone, or hardwood and make knife fittings of iron, German silver, or silver.
James Batson is a world reknown expert on the Bowie knife. He has written a book on James Bowie and his knife called James Bowie and The Sanber Fight. Other Early American knives such as folders and hunting knives will also be covered.
Each student should finish at least one knife. This is an intermediate to advanced class.

Tool Making

Use blacksmithing techniques to design, forge, and heat-treat woodworking edge tools such as chisels, gouges, spokeshaves, drawknives, adzes, axes, and more. Topics include the basics of metallurgy, tool steels and heat treatment, reclamation and alteration of old tools, and sharpening and use of woodworking tools. This intermediate to advanced class is for those comfortable at the forge; forge-welding is a critical aspect.

❈ Basketry ❈

White oak

Learn how to select the right white oak tree for making basketry material. Learn how to properly make white oak splits for basketry. Find out what tool are needed, and how to use them effectively. Starting with a carefully selected white oak tree, make a beautiful and useful basket of your own to carry home with you, and hand down for generations. These classes vary in material fee.  There is no material fee, if we are able to harvest a white oak tree on the site for this class. Estimated materials fees can vary from $20-$65 for prepared material, depending on the size of the basket, to $65 for pre-harvested white oak trees to work with. Limit 10 students.

River Cane

We begin with a field trip to the river cane patch. Learn to properly harvest cane to use for basketry. Back at the studio we will practice the art of splitting the river cane with a knife. We will then make a basket using materials that have been harvested before hand and prepared and dyed by the instructors. You will learn traditional river cane basketry techniques and choose from traditional designs for your weaving patterns.  The dye will be done traditionally, with walnut and bloodroot. The material fee is $100 per basket. Limit 10 students.

❈ Music ❈


Learn how to play the fiddle by ear. Starting with how to hold the bow and instrument, learning basic scales and bowing. Discover how a tune is constructed and use good techniqe to play what you hear. No sheet music will be used. We will use old time mountain tunes to learn technique. As students advance they can then begin learning particular styles that intrest them. A fiddle and bow in good playing order is required. A shoulder rest is suggested. Beginning students and fiddlers who want to improve their tone , technique, and get away from reading music at jam sessions,  are welcome.

Shoe Making

Sandal Making

This week long class will give you plenty of time to design and make at least one pair of high quality stylish hand sewn leather sandals.  Attach a rubber sole and learn how to maintain them. Choose  from several designs  given, or design  your own.  Between toes or not.  Material fee is $85 per pair. Limit 10 students per class.

Handmade Felt Shoe and Boot Making

Starting with basic shoe patterns, learn about shoe design, pattern making, and revision. Use colorful, thick hand made felt to construct creative shoes, low top and high top boots, with pizzaz! Using color, textures, and embellishments is just some of the fun we will have. Discover how to make your own handmade and recycled felt for shoes, and find out how to attach a robber sole that will work on the street. Expect to complete at least one pair of unique shoes or boots in this class. All levels welcome.  There is a material fee estimated at $100 – 120  per pair  of shoes or boots. Limit 10 students.

Leather Shoe and Boot Making

Leather shoe making classes are intensive classes. Starting with basic shoe and boot patterns, learn to customize your own footwear. Shoes and boots can be front opening, side opening, Mary Jane’s or pull on. The leather shoes and boots are hand sewn, using the least amount of tools necessary. Each person can expect to make 1 pair of custom fit leather shoes, or boots. All material and basic tools will be provided. There is a material fee of $100 a pair for shoes, $120 low top boots. Limit 10 students.

Leather Moccasins

Peggy Patrick and Kay Patterson will co- teach his class. We will focus on two styles of moccasins, southeastern one piece and western two piece moccasins. Buffalo leather from the USA will be used for all moccasins. Students can expect to complete at least one pair each. All materials and tools will be provided.

❀ Beadwork  and Buckskin ❀

Beaded Buckskin Bags

Using luxuriously soft garment leather for your palette, add colorful designs with beads. Start by choosing a pattern from several different styles, including TP bag and pipe bag. Learn traditional bead working techniques using true buckskin and glass seed beads. Learn to lay out a design on leather and bead it. Learn about which beading designs, colors, and techniques were traditionally used where and how.  Explore the role beads have played in the history of our country. Expect to make at least one beaded buckskin bag to carry home with you. The materials fee is estimated at $100 per project.  Limit 10 students.

The material cost — $100 for a large beaded bag. Limit 10 students.

See photos of previous classes: River Cane Basket , Shoe Making, Knife Making

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  2. When will you have your next felt shoe and boot making class? I thought you were having one in October at the John C Campbell Folk school but I guess I misread their catalogue. Do you teach anywhere else? I really want to take your class.
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  3. The next felt shoe and boot making class will be Jan. 28. I hope you will join us.

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