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Handmade White Oak and Rivercane Baskets

A collection of handmade white oak and rivercane baskets by Peggy Patrick

IMG 3693 300x225  ✾ Baskets ✾ A  traditional split rivercane burden basket

IMG 3689 3 300x225  ✾ Baskets ✾ A rivercane purse with white oak handle

IMG 3688 2 225x300  ✾ Baskets ✾ rivercane basket double peace pipe pattern

IMG 3687 51 225x300  ✾ Baskets ✾ rivercane basket unbroken frienship pattern

IMG 3690 300x225  ✾ Baskets ✾ white oak double bottom basket

IMG 3692 2 300x225  ✾ Baskets ✾ detail of double bottom basket

IMG 3682 5 225x300  ✾ Baskets ✾ white oak hamper with lid

IMG 3683 3 225x300  ✾ Baskets ✾ detail of hamper with lid

IMG 36851 300x225  ✾ Baskets ✾ A collection of white oak and rivercane baskets

5 Comments to “✾ Baskets ✾”

  1. Elaine & Jeff Dixon

    Hey Peggy,

    Glad we found your baskets and knives on the internet. They are beautiful. We also saw a youtube video of Chuck’s knife-making. Since we last came to your house, we married. Jeff was just showing me the knife he bought from Chuck & I decided to google you guys! The white oak baskets you helped us make – we truly cherish. You will always be dear friends to us. Hope to see ya, Jeff & Elaine

  2. How much are your double bottom baskets?

  3. Hi, lesley. A double bottom basket like the one shown is $350 plus shipping. Thanks. Peggy

  4. Do you currently have the river cane double peace pipe and unbroken friendship baskets for sale and if so what is the asking price for both.

  5. Donna Owl I am emailing you a picture of a current basket. Thank you for your inquiry. Peggy

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